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Learn all about Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom, in this fun, fact-filled, non-fiction guide for kids 4–10.

Discover the history, traditions, and foods of the Jewish festival of Passover, and find out how it is celebrated today by children just like you.


  • Learn the fascinating story of Passover: how the Jewish people escaped from an evil king in Ancient Egypt.
  • Learn what Jewish people do on Passover – including why they hide a piece of matzah in their house and drink four cups of wine!
  • Make your own Passover foods, including sweet charoset and a multi-layer matzah cake.
  • Practise your Passover greetings.
  • Get creative with some fun passover crafts.

What is Passover? is an informative, engaging introduction to the Jewish festival of Passover, which is celebrated in March April. With lively, easy-to-read text and beautiful pictures, this book will answer all of your child's questions about this holiday.

– Paperback
– 36 pp
– 8.5x8.5in (21.5x21.5cm)

What is Passover?

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