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A daily journal for kids to encourage positivity and mental wellbeing over the summer holidays.

My Summer Journal is a wonderful gift for kids that will allow them to capture a moment in time. The journal includes two pages per day, covering a six-week period. Each page include prompts, encouraging the child to write down what activities they have done, what new things they have learned, what made them smile, and ideas for tomorrow.


There is also space to stick photographs or for drawings, doodles, lists, notes or jokes. Each week there are special pages for writing about yourself, family, friends, favourite books and movies, talents, and ambitions.

My Summer Journal gives children the chance to reflect on their day and actively recall all the positive, happy things they did. It is also a snapshot of a moment in time, which makes it a lovely keepsake of the summer.


– Paperback
– 84 pages (black and white interiors)
– 6 x 9 in (15.2 x 22.9 cm)

My Summer Journal

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