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L is for lobster.


Join Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe in this quirky guide to the alphabet, from armadillo to zest for life.


This is a funny, novelty gift book for fans of the hit TV show, Friends. Perfect as a cute birthday gift, stocking filler, a new baby gift, or just something to say "I'll be there for you".


The humorous alphabet guide and accompanying tongue-in-cheek images list loads of things that will bring a smile to your face as you remember your favourite Friends episodes and iconic moments: from bamboozled and English trifle to pivot and Regina Phalange.


Interior pages in cool pastel shades make this a charming, cool, contemporary gift – with a sense of humour. Perfect for new parents who want to teach their little ones their ABCs the Friends way.


– Paperback

– Full colour interiors
– 28 pages
– 8.5 x 8.5 in (21 x 21 cm)

My First Friends ABC

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